How To Turn Your Business Page Into A Lead Generating Machine

Want To Turn Your Business Page Into A Lead Generation Machine?
Even without a fancy website or landing page…

I’m Brad A. Milford and In this video and link to a few other short videos below, I’m going to share how to utilize Facebook Notes to generate leads and conversations.

Did you know you can use your business page for your free giveaways?

Ugh, lead magnets?

Honestly, I used to think this was only for marketers. But now that I understand high-level business better, I’ve learned to think differently.

You don’t “have to” give stuff away. And you don’t “have to” create landing pages, but as I share with my students, It’s best practice to lead value first to start conversations.

Lead magnets are a great way to start those conversations because they’re a good indicator of someone’s current passions and interests.

Which also indicates where they are along their “business journey”.

And THAT enables YOU to SERVE THEM better.

This method is very effective for cultivating relationships.
There are lots of things you can give away for free.

I’ve had clients and community members say, Brad, I haven’t yet set up a website. How can I still connect with people and set up a lead magnet?

And because we’re on a mission to deliver “actionable value”, I’m going to show you exactly how to use your business page to deliver that value today.

Normally I require an email exchange for this information but since you’re a valuable member of this community it’s not required.

And also because I “know” you will smash a like or heart on this post, thank you for that. 🙂

Click below to shoot over to one of my Facebook Business Pages, and I’ll walk you through the complete process step by step.

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Cheers to your freedom, wealth, and brilliance!

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