How To Connect With High-Level Leaders

Connecting with high-level leadership can be a challenge. But, once you do, furthering your professional relationships will help you reach your goals and enhance your reputation regardless of your industry or company. Below are seven recommendations to connect with high-level leaders. 

Make a Lasting First Impression

The first step to connect with high-level leadership is to make a lasting first impression. Your first impression with a mentor, influencer or leader will shape how you are perceived and it will drastically affect your working relationship. Having a thorough knowledge of their accomplishments, mission, vision, and expectations is essential to making a lasting impression. It shows you care about connecting and that you have the initiative and commitment to further your career and take the next steps. 

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Work Ethic

A strong work ethic is critical to professional success. Showing a willingness to complete tasks on time and take pride in your work will help you earn respect from upper leaders. Having a great reputation, solid integrity and a strong work ethic will help to ensure relational satisfaction as well as long-term benefits. Ideally, you’ll utilize your work ethic to leverage improvements in order to obtain financial freedom. 

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Knowledge and Competence

Knowledge and competence go far beyond a first impression. As you progress through your career, stay on top of current trends within your field and industry. Having up-to-date knowledge helps gain confidence, which in turn helps stay in good standing with high-level leadership. When you are looking to advance, seek growth, stay knowledgeable, gain competence and be patient while earning your seat at the table. 

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Know Your Strengths

Knowing your strengths is crucial for advancing your career and working with high-level leaders. For example, if you are tech-savvy, offer to help with your company’s social media pages. If you are great at working with other people, get involved with public relations or customer service.  Knowing your strengths and understanding how to use them will make it easier to connect with leaders, and also for you to be more efficient and successful in your work. It will quickly put you in good standing with others in your industry, including those in high-level leadership positions.

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Be Idea-Driven Rather Than Data-Driven

Innovate. While data is incredibly important to the success of any business, getting buried in numbers can be overwhelming and may in fact, hinder your success. High-level leaders will appreciate your knowledge of the data but will value your ideas even more. Innovative ideas help to propel businesses forward, and in some ways are more valuable than strictly relying on data. While data can help predict trends, ideas can help you stay ahead of the curve and hopefully bring you more business. 

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Look Ahead Toward Your Vision

Crystal clear vision is imperative. Whether you are a full-scale entrepreneur, working toward a big promotion or seeking full financial freedom and independence, looking ahead helps keep you focused on what matters most.  Working with higher-level leaders allows you to learn the skills and practices needed to reach your goals. When you take the initiative to thoroughly understand the vision, mission and strategy, high-level leaders will respect your initiative and will, in turn, help you reach your goals. 

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Willingness to Learn

No matter how long you have been in your field, new trends and ideas are blossoming constantly. Becoming stagnant in your work is a recipe for failure, which is why it is beneficial to be willing to learn new skills. Companies implement changes frequently to increase productivity. So, it is helpful to stay prepared and adjust your work accordingly. Doing so will allow you to be creative and collaborative with leadership and colleagues. 

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Working with high-level leadership can be nerve-wracking and stressful. Whether you are working with industry colleagues, company management or mentors, follow these guidelines to help you gain influence, be more comfortable around leadership and gain more confidence in your ideas and abilities. If you need expert advice for your professional development, reach out today for professional coaching, consulting and mentoring. 

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