Episode #52 How To Master Your Skillset For Better Business Strategy With David Shriner-Cahn

We all face a scary transition at some point in our professional lives. Whether you want to break free of the employee lifestyle, your position is terminated or you just want to make a change, zeroing in on what you’re good at is the key to obtaining quality results. Today’s guest, David Shriner-Cahn has made that transition, and he’s here to help you, too!

David was an employee for almost 30 years as a chemical engineer. In 2006, he made the shift into entrepreneurship, starting TEND Strategic Partners and eventually the “Smashing the Plateau” podcast in 2014. He also launched the “Going Solo” podcast in 2019. His goal is to help experts start up their own coaching and consulting businesses, after years of being an employee. 

While working with professionals from all industries, he found that many of them had the knowledge to coach and consult others, but lacked the sales and marketing skills to grow their own practice. That’s where his team comes in! He’s helped experts from all over the world transition into a new career path. 

Finding a Quality Niche

You’ve probably heard thousands of people say that you have to find a niche market to be successful. While that is partly true, David believes that you can work smarter and make money by finding a quality niche.

Let’s say you want to provide marketing services to businesses. Great! There are about a billion businesses that need marketing services. Do you have the infrastructure to take on that many businesses? Of course not. But, let’s say you specialize in running Facebook ads for businesses with a $10,000 annual budget for advertising. While that is specific, it allows you to find a quality niche without becoming overwhelmed. 

Slow Down and Reflect

When we think of trauma and grief, job loss typically doesn’t come to mind. However, David emphasizes that leaving a job after years and years is a form of trauma. For years, you may have had the same job title, same coworkers and the same daily routine. Transitioning away from that is a lot to take in, especially when starting a new, entrepreneurial path. 

David’s advice to those going through that transition is this: Take some time to grieve. You probably want to hit the ground running and start building your new business, but you need time to reflect. Take time to relax, practice healthy habits and slowly begin the process of starting your business. Rushing an idea will ultimately come back to haunt you later. 

Are you ready to work with David and learn how to transition into the wonderful world of entrepreneurship? Visit his website, or listen to “Smashing the Plateau” and “Going Solo” to learn more.

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