Hard Truth About Leadership and Numbers

It happened again today. My phone rang and upon answering a friend began to express feelings of failure and disappointment. Further she explained she quit work and can’t take it anymore. It’s appalling and sad. Hundreds have come and gone from this place. The actual company doesn’t matter. It happens each day, all over the … Read more

Leadership Requires Inner Courage

Wake Your Courage When I was nine years old I had lofty goals. I wanted more than anything to become CEO. I realized I was in for the long haul. I knew it would take work and I was ready to put on the gloves and boots and go to work. At that time, I just … Read more

Chance, Choice and Change

The following is a summary of the last few days on YouTube.  I decided to share some vulnerable real stories about chance, choice and change. I lost many years by not learning the lessons that were put before me. Honestly, I was being stubborn. One of my goals now is to help prevent others from … Read more

How Long Do You Think Before You Act?

5  Steps to Eat a Rhinoceros (Are you procrastinating?) With Invitational spirit and a little childlike humor, I’d like to offer something I believe has real value. After all, life is about giving and it’s about growth. I say, don’t allow people to pull your strings. Don’t trap yourself in dogma. Make your life brilliant. … Read more

Three Ways to Build Confidence

Confidence may be difficult to put into words but it’s certainly easy to identify. It’s displayed in our words, in our action, in our body language and in the way we carry ourselves. It’s most notable in eye contact. For many of us confidence is a blind spot. There are many ways to build confidence. 1. … Read more

Is Your Vision Perspicacious?

There is so much talk about vision in business today. But how many of us are applying it to real world situations? Clear visions can and should be applied, before work, at work and after work. Some describe this as setting goals. But it goes much deeper. Consider for a brief moment what happens when … Read more

Can you Build Brilliance?

There can be so much darkness in the world. Some experience more than others. I’ve had my share of darkness but I don’t focus on it. I focus on the light. I believe that perseverance through adversity is part of what makes a person unique. It builds and weaves into our essence. Life can be tough … Read more

A day of Breakthrough

I just signed up for Facebook. I know,  you probably think I misspoke. Nope! Fourteen years it’s been in existence and I chose not to participate. Why you ask? Because I was being stubborn along with being as is said, “old school”. Focus is one of my greatest strengths. I’ve known this for years now. I’ve done … Read more