Three Ways to Build Confidence

Confidence may be difficult to put into words but it’s certainly easy to identify. It’s displayed in our words, in our action, in our body language and in the way we carry ourselves. It’s most notable in eye contact. For many of us confidence is a blind spot. There are many ways to build confidence.

1. Move Freely Through Change.

People, things and times change. Your success will be directly proportional to your ability to adapt to it.  Heraclitus said, “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” When thinking of this with regard to your journey, consider this, “One can be rigid in goals but flexible in vision; or rigid in vision and flexible in goals”. The harsh reality is time marches on regardless, but people and things must be flexible or they falter. As is said, “go along to get along”.

There are three fears commonly associated with change: uncertainty, judgment and struggle. However, putting these on the table openly, one sees with clarity that none are worthy of fear or worry.

One of the best ways to build confidence is by moving through various changes. Agility in the workforce is a valued skill. Many employers search for this during interviews. I learned this early in my career by interviewing many myself, hundreds in fact. However, even with this knowledge, it wasn’t until later that I began applying it to my own life. Sometimes it’s easy to overlook our own fears until queued up closer into focus. Too many of my years were wasted being rigid. Can you be inspired to be flexible through change? If so, this will save years of time and many frustrations. After exploring many avenues, I find now journaling and weekly reflections help in this effort.

2. Alter the Dynamics

People as well as things are strong in some situations and weak in others. There is no shame in that. Being in the wrong surroundings can tear us internally. It can chip rather than build our confidences. Yet, when in the right settings synergy can be created. A metal string is only that. Until it’s attached to a cello. By applying it in the proper way with a little tension, the circumstances are transformed. A reed is a thin piece of wood. Once fitted and tightened to a saxophone, it becomes a better resource. Both utilized properly, become key components in world renowned orchestras. The same can be true of people. With fit and application you can amplify the situation. Try playing to your strengths in different surroundings to create music in your life.

At times, a change of situation is helpful. Moving to a smaller company opened options for me.It provided additional learning opportunities. Learning new areas such as finance, operations, legal, sales, collections and customer service helped build and strengthen confidences in other things I do. It taught me more about myself. I learned more about my focus. It taught me to build from the ground up.

Comfortably going through the motions won’t build confidence. Each person’s uniqueness is forged over time through varied experiences. There is no quick fix, but if you’re willing to try new things, the return on investment will be tremendous. Try finding ways to think ahead and work backwards.

Here are some questions to consider: Will my value increase by staying where I am? How can I offer more value now? What am I moving toward or away from? How can I get there easier, better, faster? What can my current situation become? What will the future look like? That’s what it takes to create a masterpiece. You, are a masterpiece.

3. Find Ways to Collaborate and Cooperate

There’s an old proverb stated as, “Many hands make light work”. Invest time in connection with people who have like interests. This facilitates collaboration. Invest in learning this skill. It will prove useful. It’ll help cement a better future. Confidence is built by learning and connecting. Learning strengths and connecting with people can be engaging. Try thinking of new ways to collaborate.

Whether you are in a new position or not, you can discover new ways to influence others. Try finding new ways to build other people’s confidences. This in turn will build yourconfidences, it’s reciprocal. Try connecting with people who are willing to champion your causes. If you are compelling, It’ll be easy. Often people are willing if you ask openly and approach with humility. “Cooperation builds character which in turn builds confidence.”

Once you begin to build achievements. Once you gain traction and momentum, Once you realize more of your goals, you will gain more confidence. Whether or not the outcome was perfect is unimportant. Most things aren’t. Nevertheless, with reflection your journey will be illuminating.

Don’t wait to have a breakthrough! Today, go get em!

Live Lightly – Shine brightly

B. A. Milford

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