Six Simple Questions to Produce Powerful Results

Building relationships and connecting with people is a key part of being a great leader. And, in order to take leadership to the next level, We must focus not only on building and sustaining new vibrant relationships but also producing for your team. It’s not a question of either/or but rather a solution of “and”.

Producing positive results for your organization not only strengthens your credibility as a leader, it also builds healthy momentum that in turn energizes your team. Purpose, passion, energy and intensity are what ignites people and puts them on fire. Producing results with people is directly proportional to mutual states of mind.

The production level (the execution of adding value) is what qualifies and separates leaders. Outstanding leaders must be passionate about what they do AND how they do it. What’s your mental state? What the mental state of your team members? Consider the following questions:

• What are you doing to connect with people where they are, not where you are?

• How much quality time are you sharing with others?

• Are you influencing people in positive engaging ways?

• In what ways are you leading?

• What are you contributing?

• What are you doing today, to add value to the people around you?

Clarity is the cornerstone of conquest. Answering these simple questions above, can help you build rapport with yourself and with your team. This will increase the quality of your mental state. It’s attitude not aptitude that will determine your altitude.

Pause, put the phone down, close the laptop and put down the paper you have in your hand. Ground yourself.

Check in once in a while! It’s about quality! Do these things well and it will enable you to connect on higher levels. Ultimately it will help you, your team and everyone around you excel!

Consider your own brilliance and the brilliance of your team and company. Step into your best future self today! Questions? I invite you to message me or post any comments below.

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