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Starting a new business or side-hustle can be frustrating and overwhelming. I’m with you. I’ve experienced that heart wrenching pain, time and again. The good news is there are people who’ve been through it already and not only talk the talk but have also walked the walk. The even better news is that in the entrepreneurial community there are many successful people who want to pay it forward and help others, saving them from the mistakes they already made and guiding them with solid information and actions that have made the most impact along the way.

As in navigating, one or two degrees of change can put us on the mark and the time savings can be priceless. I’m forever grateful for the many memories and experiences, of the people who’ve guided me along the way. I like to say, “those who drink the water ought never to forget those who dug the well”.

I’m referring to coaches and mentors – these are the people who have already walked the path and are therefore best positioned to narrow any curve, help you get there faster and without costly mistakes. Every coach, entrepreneur, executive and expert should have a coach! The best ones will not only guide you toward the future but will also provide you with a personalized experience to make it (this is key) sustainable. They already have the knowledge that you’re looking to gain and they can be a great money (which equals time and energy) saving resource.

Some people get overwhelmed when facing a decision such as choosing a coach/mentor. I might suggest keeping it simple. I’ve worked with many and have found there are a couple important factors to ease your decision making and decide which coach/mentor would be a good fit.

Be clear and begin with the end in mind. You may start by asking yourself, what is the ultimate aim and/or the end goal? What are you trying to achieve within the time frame your targeting? The ideal coach/mentor would have already done what you are aiming towards so they can guide you along the way. Have they actually walked the walk? Is their system proven and sustainable?

Be as specific as possible in answering the questions above. You might try finding a coach/mentor whose niche is as close as possible to the one you have or one that can help you find your “blue ocean”.

It’s likely there are more than one who specialize in the business strategy you’re seeking. Investigate thoroughly which options are best for you. What days/times do they have available? I’d also recommend probing further for proven results and outcomes. Have they really walked the walk or did they pay for a course and receive their certification weeks later? Are they looking to fit you into a mold or are they equipped to meet you exactly where you are? It’s not only about the experience/skill – it’s also about coaching styles and to whom you have a natural inclined connection.

Due diligence is important – ask (respectfully) about people he/she has worked with in the past and contact them to find out about their experiences. Fear not asking them about what was brilliant about the experience and if there was anything they felt might have been missing. It’s wise to be as fully informed as possible.

Discovery calls are common. Have a consultation or discovery call/session with the coach/mentor. Determine if they are actively listening to you and what you desire. Will they challenge you? Ideally it’s a relationship of mutual value and ought to be synergistic.

There’s value in doing all the research to connect with the right person. If you were purchasing a car, wouldn’t you want the right framework, power, speed, luxury, etc. to receive the results you desire. Why settle? Working with a great coach/mentor can accelerate your success dramatically. The results can be extraordinary!

Mentors/coaches will be elated to see you succeed. By making the commitment and taking action under their guidance you will find amazing results further and faster than you ever could trying to sort it out alone. Its a sure fire way to accelerate your success!

Want more? Do you have an upcoming training? Are you interested in having a coach or speaker on topics that will up-level your team? Sales, Service, Clarity, Leadership Influence, etc. Want to fully unleash your total brilliance? Become Unleashed and Unlimited? Let me know how I and my team can serve you in your efforts by posting a comment below or reaching out confidentially.

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