How To Win More Clients Now

Is What You’re Doing Working?
Is it operationally effective?

Ever think, “If I don’t get clients soon, I’m going to have to get a job again.”

It took me a while to figure all this out. Trust me, I remember this, and it feels like yesterday. “What Am Doing Wrong?”, I said to myself…

of the main reasons I see so many people struggling in their business, is because they fail to articulate clearly what they do.

And there IS an easy solution.

And – because you’re a valued member of this community, I’m going to share with you the “secret”.

And if you “like” it and comment, I’ll do many more…

But first let me share that this is powerful and I want you to commit that you will only use it in the right way for the power of SERVING, and not manipulation.

Remember, business is about PEOPLE. It’s about serving people and creating a better world together.

Here’s your solution, ready?


Getting your message out in a compelling way is all about – MARKET MESSAGE MATCH. Enrolling clients is ALL about having powerful and focused conversations while understanding people’s pains and struggles.

But if you don’t yet have clarity or you don’t yet know how to market your message, you’ll struggle to get clients, sell your services.

You’ll remain drowning like so many others in the same boat. (Note: ask me about the 10 Steps To Ignite Your Business, the Brilliant Niche Finder workbook, or grab the Brilliant Client Avatar.

They’re all free resources. Ask any of my clients how powerful those exercises are.) Grab them while they are free.

“Getting clients” or not gaining clients, is not because people lack skills in their “expert thing”. It’s actually because they don’t understand the power of messaging.

And so, the person, (the coach, speaker, author, network marketer, business owner, etc.) that makes 100,000 isn’t necessarily the best (insert “expert thing” here). It’s the one that knows how to market themselves most effectively. And that’s why I wanted to deliver this training to you all.

This is one of the core training topics we discuss in the Freedom, Wealth and Brilliance Accelerator and we invest a good amount of time “drilling down” on this process together.

The reality is, I see so many people online trying to sell their products or selling the problem.

I’d like to share with you something powerful that I’ve learned. Maybe you’ve learned it to and it’s just a reminder. All good.

Remember that, problem or product is not what sells. Most people buy because they are motivated by some kind of pain.

Much of what I see, is people selling the problem and thinking they can’t get enough leads because of some missing tool.


Stick with me here – I want you to listen closely –

Problems are annoying, but they are not urgent.

Pain is urgent!

Pain makes you go to the doctor. Pain makes you buy the most expensive things to get rid of your tooth pain or your headache.

Do you really care about price during those moments?

NO, probably not!

If you fall and break your arm, you’re going to the emergency room, right? It’s not because of the problem. It’s the immediate pain.

And so, what I’m sharing here is; when you’re speaking, when you’re going live, when you’re recording your videos and when writing your content, sharing problems and products all day long is an absolute WASTE of your precious time.

It’s painful when you don’t know if you’re going to have to go back to your “JOB” and feel embarrassed or ashamed that this “entrepreneur thing” didn’t work.

See, problems don’t move you into an immediate state of action.
It’s pain that moves most people. That’s when it becomes urgent.

And the only way for you to do that (as a speaker, a consultant, coach, affiliate or network marketer, course creator, etc. IS to understand what your specific client’s pains are and start speaking to their pain.

No one cares about your product until they know the pain it’s going to relieve!

Please pause, and read that line above one more time.

Behavioral change is the goal of any marketer, and content that succeeds in changing behavior–regardless of whether it is a great novel or a thirty-second commercial–is bold messaging through storytelling.

Always every time.

For the rest of the information click here to view it in my free group community.
Why am I sharing this?

Because I care about you, and if you want to move people into action, if you want to impact them and move them into transformation, you must begin to understand their pains and meet them where they are.

This is life-changing stuff!

Things don’t have to be hard if you work smart!

If you want to reach NO LIMITS in your business, you can!

You can unleash the awesomeness!

If you enjoyed this training, join me in the free community for more and feel free to give it a “like” and a comment.

To your freedom, Cheers!

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