How To Push Through The Smoke And Mirrors

Imagine, you wake up in the morning, fix your stimulant of choice and try to mentally prepare for your workday. This morning, you’re taking a little “you” time before life starts and the weight of the day starts to press in again.

Thoughts of the present, your car payment, mortgage, savings, the future, maybe even your children begin to swirl through your brain as you swirl that cup of coffee or tea.

Your dreams are crystal like a snowflake, but then quickly they begin to melt as hope collapses to worry and doubt. All the while, your rational brain is whittling away little pieces of your dreams. These fragments progressively start to build. These thoughts begin to fuel confusion, clouding your beliefs like smoke and mirrors all arresting your momentum for the day.

What happened?

You are smart. You have ambition. You have plans and dreams to actualize.

And yet, sometimes it’s so difficult to know how to push through the smoke and mirrors.

As a temporary distraction from how you feel, you unlock your phone and flip through social media and decide to open YouTube. You watch interviews and read blogs by entrepreneurs who are living the life you only dream about while you sip your common beverage.

You remind yourself you’re going to learn soon, as you look for the missing class or webinar. You watch other entrepreneurs actually achieving the success you know you could have if only this desire works out better than the last…

If only you had more time, you think to yourself. You take a sip, pause and let out a long slow breath. Time to start another average day as you step into the recurring miserable grind.

Friend, do yourself a favor:


Stop this cycle right now.

You were not built to repeat this same cycle until you work yourself into an early grave.

You are Built for Brilliance.

Yes, you!

Maybe you’re sitting in your favorite morning spot, sipping your hot beverage right now. Or maybe browsing the web at work. Regardless of where you are right now, are you still trying to make those dreams of entrepreneurship come true? In all likelihood, like most people, you are searching for where to start making those dreams a reality.

It’s time to stop dreaming and instead start doing.

The problem is not you. It may not even be with your mindset. The problem is those shiny objects and moments of doubt that distract you from realizing your true potential as an entrepreneur and prevent you from creating traction.

Marketing, sales, leadership, finance, customer service, business models, growth hacks, and the swarms of other noise can be deafening. All that noise can overwhelm and frustrate anyone attempting to lift themselves up into a life where you make decisions and call all the shots. Moreover, if you have a spouse and children, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to support them while you build this dream of yours.

It’s time to shake off that weight on your shoulders.

What do you need to get there?
What’s the real answer to this dilemma?

Here’s the secret…

To build the lifestyle-friendly business you’ve always dreamed of, and to have the freedom you desire, you need systems. Yes, simple systems!

And you need the exact roadmap and order of operations to be able to make operational effectiveness happen.

You need help to cut through the noise and distractions of all the shiny objects and to be able to determine the signal from the noise.

Friend, it’s time to stop trying to do everything on your own. You need a mentor and coach who can help you develop the focus and clarity you need to initialize, develop, lead, grow, serve and scale your own business.

But first, let me share a truth bomb….

This lifestyle isn’t for just anyone.

You must:

Be highly driven.
Understand a growth mindset.
Grasp the concept of reciprocity.
Know service is the key to business.
See the advantages of investing in yourself.
Have or be willing to build a track record of commitments.
Comprehend the relationship between scarcity and abundance.
Learn that life doesn’t happen “to” you. It’s what you make of it by designing, creating, and building.

Is that you? Are you made to thrive? I am one hundred percent confident I can help you. I help people actualize their cloudy coffee cup dreams of running a lifestyle-friendly business and turn those dreams from smoke and mirrors into reality.

If you’re one of the rare few who understands commitment Reach out for a consultation.

So far, I’ve been blessed to have helped hundreds of hungry entrepreneurs achieve the exact goals they’ve set for themselves and experience complete transformation way beyond what the dreamed possible.

Life is short.
Release the anchor.
Reach out today for a consultation:

Stop letting that weight of unrealized potential keep you down.

If I can do it then so can you.

It’s your time to shine.

Cheers to your success!

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