Funding Your Passion: Serve And Earn What You Deserve

What does success look like?

For many, success involves fulfilling your purpose for being on this planet. For others, success is measured by the bottom line and expressed only in dollars and cents.

Be careful that you’ve not been fed a lie. Achieving your dreams does not have to be an "either/or" proposition. It is possible to prosper financially while helping others to grow.

Money is just one measure of the value you bring to those you serve.

Ask yourself three simple questions in considering how you can truly serve and earn what you deserve.

What Problems Can I Solve?

First, it’s important to know What Business Owners Do. Examine your skillset and the challenges you can meet in unique ways.

In his article, The Secret to Success Often Overlooked, entrepreneur Gabe Arnold asserts: "Solving problems is the number one factor in success." Problems, from the mundane to the extraordinary, plague all of us every day. To alleviate the weight of even one problem offers a spark of excitement and hope for a brighter future.

What Value Can I Add?

Another way to sharpen your service is to be sure you understand the needs of your client. You’ll want to truly listen to what the customer is saying and adjust your service accordingly. Be willing to dig in and do the “smart” work to become an authority concerning the products and services that you offer.

Explore a customer's needs and goals on an individual level in order to meet them where they are build trust and long-term loyalty. Marcus Smith, the founder of InnerFlight, explains it this way: "With value comes happiness, and with happiness comes loyalty. It is a beautiful circle."

What Improvements Can I Make?

Perhaps you have already established a connection and have discovered that your client has a good solution in mind. It takes just the right tweaks and adjustments to transform acceptable ideas into spectacular ones.

By using your expertise, you can offer improvements that will empower your client toward a path of greatness. Sometimes one degree makes all the difference. At 211 degrees, water is hot. At 212 degrees, it boils...With just one extra degree transformation takes place.

Meet your clients’ needs by narrowing your focus to these three central questions. Once your clients see the problems that you can address, the value that you can add, and improvements you can make, investments will follow.

Money naturally flows toward the real solutions that you bring to those you serve.

Are you ready to develop a steady stream of income while serving others? Let’s connect and allow me to help you combine your passion with a sound business plan. The world is waiting for just what you have to offer.

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