Free Or Paid Content – Which To Use When

How To Navigate The Content Waters…

Free versus paid content, Do you have questions about which to use when?

You’re not alone.
With so much content available for free:
How do you justify payment?
Is it possible to give away too much for free?
Where do you draw the line?

These are questions that come up a lot with my clients. Navigating the content waters can be a struggle because let’s face it, there’s a multitude of free content on the internet.

Many business owners struggle because they don’t know where to draw the line. Ever wonder what to give away for free?

Let’s make this simple and let’s eliminate this trouble once and for all.
Let me break it down for you…

The three core differences between free and paid.

#1 – Free content is about “what” and “why”.

In contrast, paid content is the step-by-step, “how to”.

When producing free content, one of the questions I’d ask you to consider… “What concepts does your ideal audience need to know, understand, or believe before they’re ready to buy my products?

#2 – Free content, most often, are theoretical tips, opinions, or concepts.

On the other hand, paid content are proven systems, formulas, or blueprints.
Paid services are tactical methodologies.

The best ones are easily likened to a GPS or exact roadmap to get where you’re going.

If you were headed somewhere you’ve never been, would you just aimlessly hop in your car and go? Or would you be more likely to plan, map the trip, the timeframe, and have a vision or picture of how to get there?

Likened to above, paid services are where all the thousands of pieces of the puzzle begin to fit together. In the best-paid programs, you’ll learn when to focus on “what” and how to achieve a specific result.

In business, knowing the proper order of operations is priceless.

#3 – Free content, yes valuable but often only a small sliver of the picture.
It may be foundational, fluffy, motivational, or inspirational.

Valuable it may be, but have you asked yourself, “Is this something I need?” and, “What is its long time worth and value?”

If you’re stuck or overloaded, are you overloaded with all the free information?

On the other hand, paid content is not only valuable but it’s specifically detailed and designed to produce a particular result.

If you’re the one who is producing content, you’ll want your free content to be just the foundation and the paid content to be more advanced.

The paid content should paint a more complete picture with specific examples and details to complete the topic. It will include “cross-sectional” details for completion of the entire blueprint and structure.

Examples of Free Content vs Paid Content:
On social media, I share enough to understand particular concepts, so that people can go out on their own and piece together how to make it all work. That’s valuable.

For sure, a small percentage of people will do that. I’ve done it before and it can be done.

However, in my paid courses or in coaching, you’ll see me walk through the process of how to put together an entire company system, program, process, sales funnel, tactics, etc. in great detail.

Free Versus Paid Examples

Inviting a client to see behind the scenes of your business is valuable. It’s kind of like allowing them to peek behind the curtain. That’s valuable. And strategically, that’s exactly what you are seeing inside paid courses.

Look for more soon where I’ll invite you to peek behind-the-scenes and see more about paid content.

I’ll share with you the significance of building service, entertainment, and education into your content and I’ll provide more specific examples of using “modalities” for your free and paid offerings.

All in all, it’s really that simple!

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