Episode #61 How To Build Trust, Value and Self Wealth Efficiently With Marisa Brown

How To Build Trust, Value, and Self Wealth Efficiently

Marisa Brown is an entrepreneur, mother of 3, and yes, her hair is really purple!

Owner and founder of Venus Promotions – Creating digital enchantment through virtual experiences and VIP event logistics. Marisa’s purpose is to take the guesswork away from her clients. She serves her clients with unique and innovative fashion styles in mind and creates engagement through ideas, content, and live speaking events.

She is also the founder of a digital business community called Venus Vision where invited professionals provide insight, support, and education to others business owners.

Marisa aligns with value-driven and purpose-centered entrepreneurs and professionals. She’s looking to change the face of business and what the ideas of leadership look like.

In this episode, Marisa discusses practical tips on how to build trust, value, self-wealth, and what that means for you and your business.

She provides great, detailed actionable advice for business owners and also shares a fun vacation spot.

You can easily find Marisa here:
https://www.venuspromotions.com/​ or email [email protected]

Find out more and join the virtual community Built for Brilliance here:

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