Episode #60 How To Advance Your Business With Balance With Princeton Clark

Today’s guest, Princeton Clark, has spent the last 17.5 years working as a self-mastery coach. Clark owns and operates his self-mastery business, Evolved Mastery. He is also a published author, “Awakening Your Inner Master: The Journey of Self Mastery”, which you can purchase on Amazon. He is also a contract mastery coach for Tony Robbins. 

Clark considers himself a servant on life’s journey, to help ignite everyone and change the world along the way. His purpose is to serve as many people as possible. He loves to elevate, impact and watch people grow. The more you help others, the more doors of opportunity open for both parties. 

Understand the Things You Need to Calm the Chaos

When you start a business, it’s hard to delegate everything. Clark even says that he had to evolve many times over the years, and he continues this evolution even to this day. However, it’s important to understand that you shouldn’t do this alone. Mastery is all about releasing things and surrendering yourself to opportunities, love and others. 

Balance Your Tree

Picture your life as a tree. Business is only one branch of that tree. All your branches have leaves that include relationships, mental health, emotional state, physical health and your spirit. In life, your goal is to nurture all your branches. Stress only comes when you don’t have any balance on your tree.

So how do you bring back balance? You first need to reconnect with your soul. What is causing your issues, and how can you resolve them? Then, pay attention to what you are feeding your tree. For example, who are you surrounding yourself with, or have you practiced self-care recently? Once you have your equilibrium back, use your business to bring love, life and advancement to others. 

Be Present in the Moment

Once you own a business, you’re always on the go. You may get to the point where you’re stretching yourself too much. Instead, you need to “get present in the moment, (there is) no blueprint in your life. You are creating it every day.” 

Ask yourself, how do you want to feel in life? Then, do the things that create that feeling. Always listen to your heart and create a life that aligns with your life’s goal feeling. 

Want to hear more from Princeton Clark? Then, head over to his website, Evolved Mastery. You can also reach him at Clubhouse. Just search for @PrincetonClark and shoot him a message about what inspired you on this podcast. 



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