Episode #57 How To Make Successful Progress As An Entrepreneur With Daniel Gomez

Today’s guest, Daniel Gomez, is an entrepreneur who wears many hats. Daniel works primarily as a keynote motivational speaker but also serves his clients as an executive confidence coach and corporate trainer. 

Who Is Daniel Gomez?

For Daniel, life and business are all about priorities. People always come first in his world, beginning with his family and extending outward from there. He encourages his clients and the audiences who hear him speak to discover who in their life deserves first priority, and give them the time and attention they deserve. 

What Are Daniel’s Core Principles?

Daniel stresses the importance of remaining open-hearted and intentional in what we do and say. The principles of open-heartedness and intentionality are core values to him, and both are also mission-critical to developing his “Champion’s Mindset.” 

These two principles are also the driving force behind Daniel’s emphasis on the importance of personal connections between team members. Any leader seeking lasting growth must be committed to developing those strong connections. A business built without first building up your team is destined to fail.

He encourages every business leader to first open their heart, and it will open their mind. Daniel goes on to encourage leaders to always act with clear evidence of planning and intent in all they do. Acting from an open heart with intentionality allows your team to connect with you and each other as you lead by example.

Insights About Virtual vs. Face-To-Face Training

Daniel also emphasizes the impact of digital conferencing and training during the pandemic. Daniel has a lot to say about this topic, and he provides several unique insights that are applicable now and in the future.

Reach out to Daniel to book a speaking engagement for your team by visiting his website. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook. Be sure to follow, like and comment on this episode, and remember we always welcome your thoughts and feedback.  





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