Episode #54 How To Achieve Your Best Health With Dave Sherwin

As entrepreneurs and business owners, our physical health can often take a backseat. Health and wellness expert Dave Sherwin is here to explain how you can achieve optimal health at any age, even for busy entrepreneurs!

Dave is the owner of Dirobi and CCL Supplements, both leading companies in the health and wellness industry. His goal with both companies is to create supplements that help people of all ages maintain proper vitamin and mineral amounts. For those struggling to handle business overwhelm, his products might be the solution you are looking for. 

Professional Development

What sets Dave apart from other health and wellness experts? He says it all comes down to professional development. His team is constantly working on growth, improvement and knowledge. 

Their culture of collaboration and continuous learning has allowed them to stay on top of their game. When the pandemic hit, Dirobi saw a huge influx of new business. While their competitors fell behind, Dirobi was ready to take on the challenge, selling four months’ worth of products in just 30 days. 

Wellness Wisdom for the Overworked Business Owner

Dave has a three-pillared approach to health and wellness: nutrition, fitness and supplements. Finding balance in these three areas is the key to optimal health. Easier said than done, right? According to Dave, you don’t have to follow any crazy diets or take any outrageous supplements to be healthy. 

Eating a well-balanced diet, staying active as much as possible and taking basic supplements are all sustainable practices anyone can do to stay healthy. A healthy business owner is a happy one. If you feel well, then you are more likely to serve your clients on a higher level. Dave also recommends limiting social media and practicing mindfulness and meditation.

Dave is also a health and wellness coach. Sign up for a consultation with him here

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