Episode #53 How To Elevate Your Own Potential With Dr. Kimberly Hambrick

“Borrow the belief I have in you until your belief matches mine.”

These powerful words were given to today’s guest, Dr. Kimberly Hambrick, by her mentor. What do these words mean to you? To Kimberly, it meant adopting a new way of thinking and self-reflection. 

Empowering Others to Empower Themselves

Kimberly is a leadership development and growth coach for business owners. With over 30 years of experience in the business world, she aims to create empowered leaders by helping them bust through their negative belief systems, or BS systems. 

How did she come up with this unique approach to business coaching? It all comes back to that powerful phrase: “Borrow the belief I have in you until your belief matches mine.” In other words, you must have the same confidence in yourself as others do in you. That idea doesn’t come easily to anyone, especially business owners. 

I Am…

For years, Kimberly struggled with limiting self-beliefs and a doubting mindset. With the help of several colleagues, she started writing “I Am” statements. She realized how difficult it was to write anything positive about herself. This exercise helped put her on the right track, and now she wants to use her knowledge to help others. 

Known as the BS buster (BS being belief systems), she helps entrepreneurs bust through their negative thoughts and mindsets. She creates empowered, confident business owners ready to tackle any challenge. 

Kimberly’s favorite part about being in business is seeing that “a-ha,” transformative moment in her clients. Seeing them blossom with confidence and empowerment brings her joy and happiness. She also enjoys breaking barriers with fellow coaches by networking and collaborating with them when things get overwhelming. 

Are you ready to become a more empowered business leader? Kimberly is ready to help you! She offers assessments, courses and coaching to business owners from a variety of industries. Visit her website to learn more about her coaching services and listen to her podcast for more business wisdom.

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