Episode #51 How To Build Your Online Brand With Brett Wharton

Brett Wharton is the founder and CEO of Nexus Marketing, a full-service marketing agency that focuses on building businesses in the digital space. While Nexus has a focus on building online traffics and websites, Brett and his team are dedicated to getting your business at the top of Google’s search results. 

Since its inception in 2014, Nexus has helped thousands of businesses increase their online presence through social media, copywriting, branding and more. How do they do it? Brett says it’s all about building relationships and making digital marketing accessible to everyone. 

Instead of throwing out buzzwords like PPC and SEO, Nexus takes a different approach. Starting with website design, they move into the goals and objectives of the business to find which marketing strategies will work best. Whether they write blog posts, make a YouTube channel or build up social media accounts, their ultimate goal is for their clients to be happy.

When it comes to business wisdom, Brett says that every business owner should focus on their own network. With all the chaos and overwhelm going on due to the pandemic, it helps to know who’s in your corner. Don’t be afraid to reach out to fellow business owners, work collaboratively and find opportunities to help others whenever you can. 

Along with that, Brett emphasizes the importance of building your own brand. He suggests dedicating time each week to building your systems, processes and branding. This will ensure your business can run smoothly with or without you.  

Are you ready to grow your business to new heights online? Nexus is ready to help you! Get in touch with Brett on Nexus’ website and learn more about their services. Stay in touch with Brett and Nexus on LinkedIn.



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