Change Your Life and Business Forever With This One Simple Thing

What's the one thing successful leaders do that increases their ability to connect that's also the one thing average people fail to do?  It's free! It's the one thing that will seriously up your game and it's super easy and simple to implement. What is it you say?

Some people think that communication is the transfer of ideas in a way that someone else can understand it. Okay, that’s part of it. No doubt that clarity in communication is something to harness. Agreed, it's important to to have clear expression. However, let's face it, when many people communicate, they fail to do this one easy thing. It doesn’t take extra equipment or time, and almost anyone can do it. So why when this one thing can change our lives and businesses, do many people fail to do it? What is it?

Think about the last conversation you had. What were you doing while the other person was talking? What was going on in your mind? Was there self-talk? Do you remember? What were you focused on?

For most people - while another person speaks - what is really going on in their minds is, themselves. Often times people are thinking about what their thinking or thinking about what they want to say next. Please my friends, the key to great communication is NOT sharing the best response. The goal is not to act intelligent!

The key to great communication is actively listening to understand. 

Are you willing and able to pause for a moment to offer someone true honest value? Think about the world we live in today. In this day and age there are so many messages that get propelled our way. Sometimes so many that for some it's difficult to determine the signal from the noise. Yet we ALL share one certain thing in common. We all (regardless of our backgrounds, religions, titles, positions or direction) have a deep sense of wanting to be heard and understood.

Wouldn't you rather be a part of a solution rather than part of the problem? It's so simple. Share a moment and listen with intention!

Will you join me in gifting those you touch daily, the gift of quality time? Invest in others, drop the distractions and listen from the heart! Listen to what the people in your life are saying. Honestly, it's a mutually beneficial life changing act!

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