Chance, Choice and Change

The following is a summary of the last few days on YouTube.  I decided to share some vulnerable real stories about chance, choice and change. I lost many years by not learning the lessons that were put before me. Honestly, I was being stubborn. One of my goals now is to help prevent others from loss of time and misalignment.

Time is such a valuable commodity. Knowing this from hard lessons, in the videos, I suggested that when the seeds of awareness regarding empathy and deep connection start to grow, let them take root. Let the trees blossom. Frankly, If you’re not growing your dying. I might also suggest that if you’re not seeing fruit, there may be trouble with the tree.

Ultimately, life is about connecting with people. Margret Wheatley said “Relationships are all there is. Everything in the universe only exists because it’s in relationship to everything else. Nothing exists in a vacuum.”

If anyone is to be brilliant they must have brilliant people in their lives.  Once one gains clarity, Once one starts to see and recognize empathy, once one realizes there is something far greater out there than complacency and mediocrity, once one gets that fire burning in their belly, they begin to ignite!

Complacency and mediocrity are enemies. Seeking knowledge, seeking achievements, Seeking brilliance…these are the next rungs on the ladder. It’s a natural process of growth. Let yourself stretch. Let go of ego and free yourself!

Growth comes from chance, choice and change. I think it was Zig Ziglar that said. “You must, make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change.”

My first few videos are rough and a little painful to watch. But they are real and they are definitely authentic. I am learning rapidly and they are getting better. To save you from the pain, here’s what I can share from the last few:

There are those who feel life is done to them and there are those who realize, life is made by them. The choice is yours. However, one must decide which of these they desire.  Which have you chosen?

Choice is the first step in making a change. Here’s an offer, save yourself some time and heartache. Don’t just make the choice. Make the commitment. Take a step today. Lay out a quick 90 second game plan. If you already have one, take 90 seconds to make certain it’s still integrated and cohesive with your current vision. This will be 90 seconds well invested.

Literally, If that’s what’s needed, do it. Just grab a piece of paper. Close your eyes and write for 90 seconds about what choices need to be made. Sometimes that’s all it takes to get started or re-ignite. Afterwards, sign a contract with yourself. make the commitment. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Just go get em.

The other offer was this:

There are people along the way who want to help. Sometimes, there are even those who want nothing in return. Don’t push them away. Welcome them. Keep your eyes open for this. Keep your awareness and wit about you and open up to this possibility. Look for mentors, leaders, role models or coaches who can take you to the next level. Break through mediocrity. Complacency is the enemy. Find a way to connect with high caliper people who have great character. Contact me via email, through the build brilliance blog or contact someone else. Just get connected.  Your future is calling. You are brilliant! Lean in, step up, and tap into this.

Once curiosity sets in, once you see a better “modeled circumstance” or you have seen it before and it stands out to you, once you recognize you want a change, seek advancement.

Once you desire it and start to chase it, that’s when things begin to change and improve. That’s  when achievements start to become realized. That’s when momentum begins to kick in. That’s the point at which your brilliance begins to shine. That’s when life becomes more meaningful. That’s also when you begin to connect with you!

I graciously invite you to watch the video here: If it resonates with you please subscribe in order to help me in this mission to help others find their unique brilliance.

B. A. Milford

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