Our Vision and Mission

Our grand vision is to serve others to increase value and widen the center of influence. This is easily done through servant and situational leadership practices. These are timeless principles. Frankly, it's amazing to be involved in supporting individuals and companies as they grow and develop.

Our mission is to obliterate barriers, add value to individuals, teams and organizations by offering and utilizing our strengths in leadership, exceptional service, time maximizing, and measurement systems analysis.

We are excited to share our gifts and elevate others through dynamic speaking events, hands-on training workshops, coaching seminars, company sponsored events, and online & offline corporate training programs. And of course, leading with depth of character.

Our Story

We have gifts in pattern recognition, translating complexity into simplicity and synthesizing information.  We enjoy working with companies to polish their systems, principles, values and strengths to save costs, increase efficiency and grow customer and client satisfaction. Our greatest passion is to serve our clients by encouraging them to tap into their purpose and passions while assisting them to stretch their abilities to peak states.

Meet the Team

The Team at Build Brilliance LLC is dedicated to steering you on the path to success and beyond by guiding you to obliterate barriers, giving you the tools to root out fears forever and deliver peak performance outcomes and results while leading a purposeful life.



Founder & CEO

Brad has been all over the world and served in the U.S. Navy.  He has owned multiple corporations and led, managed and grown several businesses from 0-7 figures and beyond.  He is proud to serve as a world class master speaker, trainer and coach


Jeanie Trevis Holzbacher

Master Speaker/Facilitator/Coach

Courageous Conversations. Simple Results. Jeanie joined us in 2018 to add more depth. She excels in her work by discussing real issues, providing profound results and breathing new life into you and your teams on the path to success through her world class training and experience. We expect your journey with Jeanie to be loaded with transformational moments!


Tim Kane


Tim has decades of experience managing financial strategies, teaching passive income and operations with outstanding results.  Continuing his mission to serve others, he is proud to bring his skills to Build Brilliance LLC as a financial speaker, trainer and coach.

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